New website is now launched!

New website is now launched!


Welcome to my new page. This is the blog section and here you will find my posts about my work as well as instructions for editing in your wordpress website. The guides will be useful to those who have got their website set up by me as they are made according to my own layout.

On the page you will find several tabs like services, contact, blog and portfolio. However, prices are not specifically stated as I only make tailor made offers that match your needs. Do not hesitate to fill in the contact forum to get a free offer on either website design or logo design. In addition to my two specials, I offer as something new, support for social media. Perhaps you think what’s the matter with? My new offer is that you can now get support for your social media if you are using it as a business page. I offer a service that extends over the number of months you need (Minimum 2 months). My offer involves setting up graphic ads based on target group and color symbolism or help with advertising.

If any of the above services were to catch your interest, you might want to fill in the forum as found here.

I’am sorry for any spelling mistakes and missing pages, as the website is still being coded.

Have a nice weekend.
– Simon Doolewerdt

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